Our Development Platforms


Planet II Development offers through its collaboration between LIFEWORLD.BE and A2M a tailor-made service for any project.



Intensive research in the field of sustainable real estate, made Planet II a reference in sustainable real estate. To effectively develop future proof buildings, the firm uses a variety of tools and software to reduce grid-dependency, implement parametric design in an early stage and to reach a design that has an optimal performance as well as a maximum robustness.  



Planet II is driven by beauty. The firm designs resilient, adaptable high quality buildings. Planet II believes a future proof architecture should evolve with whatever change of destination, climate, usage… might occur over time. In order to achieve this, Planet II integrated a large variety of tools, from software to on site quality control, including the fourth dimension of time.



Planet II is in charge of the total development process, from initial concept creation to acceptance of works. Over the years the firm built up a reputation in developing incomparable work and living environments.



The firm develops for its investors and their end users, meaning that a successful Planet II project must be able to compete in any market, on a macro and micro level. Using all tools and software, research and design provides, Planet II is able to develop sustainable projects at no extra costs, in comparison to its competitors.



All developments together are managed by Planet II over the timeline of each project. Through an intensive collaboration between all platforms, the eventual project gets shape. As any other project, its success is only assessed by the appreciation of its end users. The firm thrives on constantly rethinking our current work and living environments to come up with innovative concepts which increase the day to day life quality.


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